Postgraduate Education Centre

Director: Kondratiuk Viktor Lukych PhD in Science (Engineering), Associate Professor  E-mail: Tel: (0352) 53 35 00

The object of the Center is to enable people with higher education get a second higher education on new specialty based on their professional interests, career prospects and other needs.
The Center is well equipped with computer labs, IT facilities and modern class rooms. 
The Center offers retraining in all specialties accredited in Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University:• Geography• Design and Technology• Philology. Ukrainian Language and Literature• Philology. English Language and Literature• Philology. German Language and Literature• History• Primary Education• Psychology• Social Pedagogics• Mathematics• Physics• Computer Science• Physical Education• Biology• Fine Arts• Ecology and Environmental Protection
More than 2000 graduates of the center received a Diploma of second higher education. They successfully work in educational system both in Ternopil and in other regions of Ukraine. 

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