Cultural Activities at TNPU

The Faculty Day is a celebration that unites all students. Every year the University staff and all students celebrate Faculty Days – holidays dedicated to Faculties of our University. And students of each Faculty prepare thematic concert program. They do their best to impress and cheer up the audience, they act out plays, sing different songs, recite poems, organize quizzes and competitions among students. Every Faculty has its own authentic traditions.

The University Day, that takes place on April 28, is also unforgettable celebration. All students and staff members, dressed in Vyshyvanka (Ukrainian national clothes), are having fun. Every volunteer has the opportunity to sing one of Ukrainian songs and the best singer gets the prize.

Our students celebrate two Students’ Days. The first is Ukrainian holiday and it takes place on October 17th. The second one – International – is celebrated on November 17th. The Department on work with Youth organizes concerts dedicated to students, and they receive a lot of greetings and here you can't do without singing and dancing. Students’ musical bands perform their own songs and act out some funny situations.

Every year the Department on work with Youth organizes a Talent show. Every talented student may participate in this event and compete for the prize in 10 nominations.

In April 1 we celebrate not a Fool’s Day, but a Laughter’s Day. The students act out plays, come up with jokes, funny scenes. They create several teams and make competition for the first place. We are not afraid of being funny.

We shouldn’t forget about competition for Mister and Miss University titles. At this really impressive event 12 boys and girls demonstrate their talents, abilities, creativity and leadership skills. The winners get the main prize – the trip to Europe.
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