History of Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University


Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University
1620 – in the town of Kremenets Brotherhood (Bratska) School was set up to prepare elementary school teachers for other Brotherhood Schools.1637 – famous enlightener Petro Mohyla reorganized Brotherhood (Bratska) School into Kremenets-Epiphany Collegium to train teachers for Volyn Brotherhood Schools.In the second half of XVII century Kremenets became a part of Rzeczpospolita (Rich Pospolyta) and Kremenets-Epiphany Collegium gave place to Jesuit Collegium to prepare teachers for Jesuit Schools.1773 – Pope Clement XIV proclaimed the bull of Jesuit Order abolition and Kremenets Jesuit Collegium was closed. Later Collegium premises were used for sub-district school. Starting from 1783 it became a district school training teachers.1805 – on the basis of Collegium premises with the Russian Tsar Alexander I Decree a higher educational institution, Volyn Gymnasium of Higher Sciences, was opened.1818 – Volyn Gymnasium was reorganized into Kremenets-Volyn Lyceum.1833 – after the defeat of the Polish revolutionary movement Kremenets-Volyn Lyceum was closed. Volyn Theological Seminary was located in the building.1902 – Volyn Deocesan (Eparchial) Women’s School to prepare elementary school teachers was established on the basis of Volyn Theological Seminary.1920 – according to the Order of May 27 by the Polish Army Commander-in-Chief Yu. Pilsudskyy Kremenets Lyceum was legally (juridically) reestablished. Teacher Seminary (6 courses, 86 boys and 120 girls) and T. Chatsky Gimnasium were set up by the Lyceum.1935 – Lyceum of Teacher Seminary was reorganized into Pedagogium.1937 – Pedagogical Lyceum was opened. In 1939 it comprised 20 educational institutions besides library, several boarding schools and economic facilities.1940 – with the Resolution of People’s Commissars Council of April 15 on the basis of the Lyceum, Teachers Training Institute was opened, where for the first time in its history the studies were conducted in Ukrainian.1942-1944 – during World War II teachers and students were at war.1944 – in September Krements Institute reopened for students.1950 – with the Resolution of Council of Ministers of Ukraine of August 4 Krements Teachers Training Institute was reorganized into Pedagogical one.1969 – Pedagogical Institute moved to Ternopil.1973 – Institute Council approved the Resolution on the organization of the Faculty of General Engineering Sciences (FGES).1974 – with the Order of Ministry of Education of Ukraine No. 478 Doctor of Sciences (Biology), Professor Oleksandr Yavonenko, was appointed Rector of Ternopil Pedagogical Institute.1976 – according to the resolution of Ministry of Education of Ukraine the Faculty of Training Elementary School Teachers was organized at Ternopil Pedagogical Institute.1979 – Philological Faculty was set up again at Ternopil Pedagogical Institute.1982 – Ivan Butnytskyy was appointed Rector of Ternopil Pedagogical Institute.1984 – Yuriy Ivashchenko became Rector of Ternopil Pedagogical Institute.1988 – Faculty of General Engineering Sciences (FGES) was renamed into Engineering and Pedagogical Faculty (EPF).1990 – Faculty of Natural Sciences was divided into two ones: Faculty of Natural Sciences and Geographical Faculty.1990 – Volodymyr Kravets became Rector of Ternopil State Pedagogical Institute.1993 – new faculties: Historical Faculty, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Musical and Pedagogical Faculty, were founded. 1997 – Resolution No.555 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On creation of Ternopil State Pedagogical University” was issued.2004 – with the Decree of the President of Ukraine No.957/2004 the university was given the status of National educational institution.

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