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Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University

Museum of Education and Pedagogy
Leader – Halay Mykola Pavlovych
The profile of the museum is educational. The museum was established in 1980 on the initiative of assistant professor Herz M. I. The exposition of the museum is located in the educational building №3. The 20 stands of the museum reflect the history of the university, which dates back to 1620.
Scientific and pedagogical and educational activity of 13 faculties, achievements of teachers and students in the field of education, training and upbringing are widely represented here. The scientific and educational activity of the university, its connections with the world scientific centers are highlighted.
A special place is given to materials to help students, pupils, teachers and educators.
Address: Ternopil, Vynnychenko street, 10

Volodymyr Hnatiuk Museum
Leader – assistant professor Tsaryk Lyubov Ivanivna
The profile of the museum is educational. Volodymyr Hnatyuk Museum was opened in September 1991 on the basis of the Faculty of Philology. The exposition of the museum acquaints with the life and scientific way of the scientist. Numerous photos represent cities, educational institutions, people who had a great influence on his formation as a scientist and a conscious Ukrainian. Part of the material is devoted to six scientific trips of 1895 - 1903 to the ethnic lands of Ukrainians (Hungarian Russia).
A number of exhibits highlight the folklore and ethnographic identity of the regions of Ukraine, demonstrate the nature of construction, embroidery, Easter eggs, beliefs, rituals, customs and more. There is a rich folklore material recorded by students and the university in the native village of V. Hnatyuk Velesniv in Ternopil region and other regions of Ukraine.
Address: Ternopil, M. Kryvonis street, 2

Natural History Museum
Leader – professor Kvasha Vasyl Ivanovych
The profile of the museum is educational. It was created in 1965 on the initiative of assistant professor Kuzmovych L. G. On November 7, 2001, the museum was awarded the title of "Exemplary". The main task of the museum is to preserve natural objects of fauna in the form of collections, preparations, stuffed animals with their subsequent use in educational and scientific work on ecological and biological direction and to promote scientific knowledge about the fauna of the western region of Ukraine.
The zoological funds of the museum branch have more than 1,200 exhibits, including 1,000 specimens of vertebrates of 6 classes, 35 rows, 97 families, including more than 100 stuffed birds and mammals, which are placed by biotope.
The presented exposition promotes better mastering of educational material, has great cognitive value, promotes a respectful attitude to the nature of the native land. Published in the museum's funds "Catalogs of invertebrate and vertebrate fauna" are used in the educational process.
Address: Ternopil, M. Kryvonis street, 2

Geological Museum
Leader – Demyanchuk Petro Mykhailovych
The profile of the museum is educational and cognitive. The museum was formed in 1960 on the basis of samples of minerals, rocks and fossilized remains of organisms collected by professor Svynko J. M. together with students for four decades. The museum occupies a well-equipped recreation on the fifth floor of the main building of the university and an adjacent geology room.
The museum has collected more than a thousand exhibits, stone material, there are 14 paintings by Ukrainian geologists and geographers. The interior of the museum is decorated with a large number of exotic species of houseplants.
The museum has six departments: "History of geological development of the Earth", "Mineralogy", "Industrial and precious stones", "Minerals", "Rocks" and "Paleontology".
The museum is a training base for the study of geology, geography of the native land, paleogeography, chemistry, general geography and local lore by students of geographical and chemical-biological faculties of the university. It is constantly visited by teachers and students of the city and region, students of seminars and refresher courses, guests of the university.
Address: Ternopil, M. Kryvonis street, 2

Museum of Sports Glory
Leader – Ladyka Petro Ihorovych
The profile of the museum is educational. It was created in 1988 to instill in students a sense of pride in the glorious traditions of the faculty.
The museum has thematic sections: scientific work, sports achievements, practical activities, cooperation with other educational institutions.
The lion's share of exhibits is information about the development of sports at the faculty. The visitors of the museum are presented with information about the students of the faculty - participants of the Olympic Games, championships and championships of the world, Europe, Ukraine and other competitions. In particular, there are data on masters of sports of international class Taras Dolny (biathlon), Roman Verastyuk (athletics), Halyna Strahotska-Yednak (cycling), Lilia Prots (powerlifting), Volodymyr Trachuk (nordic combined), three-time participant of the Olympiad Vira Zozulya (power walking).
In 2007, the faculty celebrated the 50th anniversary of its founding, so the museum has souvenirs, gifts, greeting addresses, which were addressed to the faculty in honor of this date.
The museum hosts classes on the course "Introduction to the specialty", excursions for school students for career guidance. During the days of the faculty, weeks of departments, parent meetings there are also many guests.
Address: Ternopil, M. Kryvonis street, 2

Museum of Children's Creativity
Leader – Pysarchuk Oksana Tarasivna
The profile of the museum is educational. The Museum of Children's Creativity was established in 1980 at the Laboratory of Methods of Teaching Labor Education. In it, by using non-standard forms and methods, students conduct research work.
There is a student design bureau; the range of its designs has about 300 items. It has already become a good tradition to organize charity exhibitions and sales of products made by students. In addition, there is a permanent student theater, the characters and scenery of which are created by the students themselves.
The museum is also a scientific and methodological center for training and retraining of teachers in labor and aesthetic education of students.
Address: Ternopil, Vynnychenko street, 10

Museum of technical and applied art
Leader – assistant professor Pavkh Stefania Petrivna
The profile of the museum is educational. The museum is located in the building №5 of the Faculty of Engineering and Pedagogy. The exposition of the museum contains more than 100 exhibits that reproduce historical, technical, world achievements in various fields of science, production, technology and history. For example, the caravel of Columbus "Ninja", a model of the raft "Con-Tiki", on which the Danish scientist Tour Heyerdahl proved in practice that the aborigines of Polynesia could reach the shores of America several thousand years ago, and others.
Some of the exhibits reproduce various artistic technologies of Ukrainian crafts: Hutsul carving, fattening, applications, triangular-carving and Yavoriv carving, "embroidery" technique, pyrography, marquetry, marquetry, high-relief and bas-relief carving, sawing, etc. Exhibits are frames, maces, Easter eggs, kitchen boards, boxes, plaques, candlesticks, decorative plates, spoons, jewelry, crosses, etc.
The exposition of the museum contributes to the national-patriotic education of the younger generation, as they demonstrate not only the technical achievements of our people, but also artistic technologies that reproduce all the diversity of Ukrainian culture.
Address: Ternopil, Vynnychenko street, 10

Archaeological and local history museum "Sources"
Leader – assistant professor Kitsak Volodymyr Myronovych
The profile of the museum is archeological and local. It was founded by Assistant professor Petrovsky O. M. in 1995 as an educational and methodical cabinet on archeology and auxiliary historical disciplines, the museum acquired its current status according to the order of the rector from 05.02.1999.
The funds of the museum are regularly replenished with artifacts due to archaeological research conducted in our region by the Faculty of History in conjunction with the regional museum of local lore and other scientific institutions in the region. Active participants in these studies are students who, under the guidance of experienced professionals, acquire practical skills and experience in research work in archeology, perform course, diploma and master's studies.
The content of the exposition is determined by the requirements of methodological and methodological and pedagogical nature. The museum reveals the history of Ternopil from ancient times to the Middle Ages. Archaeological and local lore museum "Sources" has a scientifically sound thematic structure of the exhibition, which meets the requirements of museum work and the generally accepted periodization of ancient history. Since the founding of the museum, more than 200 excursions have been conducted on its basis for university students and students of the Minor Academy of Sciences.
Address: Ternopil, Gromnytsky street, 1

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