Students Rights and Responsibilities
Students have the right:
  • to choose and be chosen to the highest collegial body of the University; 
  • to define a set of disciplines for the specialty within the limits provided by the educational and professional training program and work plan, thus forming an individual curriculum; 
  • transfer to an external form of education;
  • to attend any classes at the university with the permission of the dean,  subject to the schedule of the educational process, which is determined by the individual curriculum;
  • to work in free from study time, subject to the schedule of the educational process and requirements of the individual curriculum;
  • to take advantage of benefits, that were established for excellent studies;
  • to receive a scholarship and financial assistance in accordance with current legislation of Ukraine;
  • for academic leave, renewal, transfer to another educational institution.

Students have the responsibilities:
  • to adhere to the Rules of internal labor regulations of the University and the rules and internal regulations of the student dormitory;
  • to comply with the requirements of the curriculum within the timeframe specified in the schedule of the educational process; 
  • attend classes according to the selected individual plan;
  • timely inform the university management in case of impossibility to attend classes with a good reason, pass (retake) credits and exams, perform tests, etc. In case of illness, the student submits to the dean of the faculty a certificate from the relevant medical institution;
  • to help the heads of the university and its subdivisions to maintain proper order in the territories adjacent to the university, the campus, and other cultural and household facilities that serve undergraduate and graduate students.

The Rector, Vice-rectors of the University and Deans of Faculties may impose disciplinary sanctions on a student (undergraduate/ graduate) or expel him/ her from the University for Failure to perform her/ his duties and violation of the Rules of Procedure.

The student can be expelled:
  • voluntarily;
  • due to a transfer to another higher educational institution;
  • because of a call-up for military service (distance learning is possible);
  • for academic underachievement, based on unsatisfactory passing of exams and credits during the session; 
  • for non-compliance with the requirements of the curriculum and schedule of the educational process; 
  • for appearing in classes, in the university building, library, dormitory in a state of alcohol, drugs or toxic intoxication; 
  • by a court judgment that enters into force or by a decision of a body competent to impose an administrative penalty or the use of means of civil influence; 
  • for health reasons, based on the conclusion of the Medical Advisory Commission (MAC);
  • for a single gross violation of academic discipline or the Rules of Procedure of the university and dormitory (upon agreement with the trade union organization); 
  • in case of committing an immoral misconduct (upon agreement with the trade union organization). 

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