Faculty of Engineering Education 

Dean: Struhanets Borys Volodymyrovych               PhD in Pedagogics, Associate Professor Vice Dean for Academic affairs: Hevko Ihor Vasylovych 

E-mail: dek_ipf@tspu.edu.ua

Web  ipf.tnpu.edu.ua

Tel: (0352) 53 36 29

The Faculty of Engineering Education was founded in 1974. 

The Faculty employs about 36 academic teachers including 4 professors and 21 associate professors. It includes three departments, 5 computer labs, 24 school laboratories, joiner’s shops and sewing workshops. 

The Faculty offers education at two levels:

Bachelor’s Program:

- Professional Education (Computer Technology) 

- Professional Education (Transport) 

- Technological Education

Master’s Program:

- Professional Education (Computer Technology) 

- Technological Education

The Faculty of Engineering Education is engaged in scientific collaboration with schools and educational establishments in Lviv and Volyn regions. 

Scientific work is conducted in two research laboratories:

- Power Management

- Competence Approach In Education Of Future Manual Training Teachers

Students of the Faculty are prize winners of international and Ukrainian contests and competitions.

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Email: pk@tnpu.edu.ua
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