Faculty of Physical Education

Dean: Volodymyr Hryhorovych Omelianenko,PhD in Pedagogical sciences, Associate Professor Vice Dean for Academic affairs: Yaroslav Bohdanovych Bodnar,PhD in Physical Education and Sports, Assistant ProfessorVice Dean for Educational work: Petro Ihorovych LadykaVice Dean for Scientific work and International cooperation:Serhii Vasyliovych Humeniuk,Doctor of Pedagogical sciences, professorDispatcher: Natalia PastushenchynE-mail: 52omelt@gmail.com Tel: +38 0352 43 60 80

The Faculty of Physical Education is one of the oldest Faculties of the University. It was founded in 1957. 

The Faculty employs about 40 academic teachers including 2 professors and 35 associate professors. It includes 4 Departments, computer labs, gyms and sports halls, stadiums, playgrounds and courts. Students have conditions for sports improvement in athletics, swimming, biathlon, cross-country skiing, rowing, gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, handball, football, elaborated system of training to participate in sport events at various levels. The student body of the Faculty consists of more than six hundred full-time and part-time students.

The Faculty offers education at two levels: Bachelor’s and Master’s
Duration of studies 3 years 10 months and 1 year 4 months respectively.

Bachelor’s Program: 
- Secondary Education. (Physical education)
Qualification: Teacher of physical education

Master’s Programs:
- Secondary Education (Physical education).
Qualification: University teacher of physical education
- Physical training and Sports 

The Faculty of Physical Education collaborates with schools and educational establishments Ukraine and in Poland, sports societies and clubs. 

Students of the Faculty take an active part in national and international championships in various kinds of sport. Among our graduates, there are champions of Europe, champions of the world, winners of the Olympic Games.

History of the Faculty
The Faculty of Physical Education of TNPU is one of the oldest pedagogical faculties in Ukraine. It was established in 1957 at the Drohobych Pedagogical Institute, in 1959 transferred to the Kremenets Pedagogical Institute, and ten years later, together with this educational institution, the Faculty changed its registration to Ternopil. Sixty years of experience of the Faculty has in its history of development facts that can be proud of its staff.

During the existence of the Faculty, more than 5,200 physical education teachers were trained. They annually join the staff of educational institutions of Ternopil and other regions of Ukraine. Among them there are many well-known teachers who have achieved significant success in the educational field and have been awarded state honours. The experience of the Honored Teacher of Ukraine I. V. Prysyazhniuk, teachers H. H. Pokydanets, A. P. Herasymenko, P. Ya. Deputat, V. D. Kyryliuk, L. V. Beiba and others is well known now. Many graduates of the Faculty occupy leading positions in the field of physical culture and sports, are well-known coaches in various sports – O. V. Biriukov, Head of the Ternopil Regional Branch of the Committee on Physical Education and Sports, Honoured Worker of Physical Culture and Sports of Ukraine; V. M. Ihnatenko, Deputy Head of the Ternopil Oblast Branch of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine.

Famous sportsmen grew and improved their skills at the Faculty:
Anzhela Balakhonova, Honoured Master of Sports, participant of the XXVIII Olympic Games, silver medalist of the World Championship, European Champion, winner of the European Cup. World Record 1998 and Europe 1997-1999. Winner of the European Youth Cup 1995, European Cup 1997, European Cup Club 1998, European Indoor and Outdoor Champion (1998), silver medalist of the 1999 World Cup, multiple Ukrainian champion 1996-2001. She was awarded the Order of Merit of the 3rd degree (1998) and the Order of Princess Olga of the 3rd degree (1999).

Olena Pidhrushna, world champion, multiple European champion, winner and runner-up of the biathlon World Cup stages, participant XXI and gold medalist of the XXII Winter Olympic Games. She won 3 medals at the 2013 World Championships: gold in the sprint, silver in the relay and bronze in the pursuit race.

Dmytro Pidruchnyi, Honored Master of Sports of Ukraine, world champion, champion and winner of the Winter Universiade, winner of the European Biathlon Championships, participant and winner of the stages of the Biathlon World Cup. Member of the Ukrainian biathlon team at the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014 and in Pyongyang in 2018.

Taras Rad’, is a master of sports of Ukraine of international class, the champion of the 2018 Winter Paralympic Games in Pyongyang and the flag bearer of the national team of Ukraine at the closing ceremony of this Paralympics. Multiple winner and prize-winner of the world and Ukrainian championships in biathlon and cross-country skiing.

Ivan Shkvarlo is a master of sports of the international class (2006), the best player of the world championship (2007), the champion of Europe among sportsmen with consequences of cerebral palsy (2006, Ireland), the bronze medalist of the world championship of football (2007, Brazil). Champion of the 2008 Summer Paralympic Games and the best scorer of these games, silver medalist of the 2012 Summer Paralympic Games, Cavalier of the Order of Merit of the Second Degree.

Roman Virastiuk, an international class master of sports, participant of the XXVI, XXVII and XXVIII Olympic Games and European Cup Winners; 4-time silver medalist of the European Cup 1994, 1995, 1999, 2001, European Champion of Clubs 2002 (LC PORTO), 3-time silver medalist of the World War Games 1995, 1999, 2003, 17-time Ukrainian Champion and 8-time winner of the cup of Ukraine.
Taras Dolnyi, an international biathlon master of sports, World Universiade champion, participant of the XVII Winter Olympic Games, World Championships.

Vira Zozulia s a master of sports of the international class, participant of ХХVІІ, ХХVІІІ and ХХІХ Olympic Games; silver medalist of the European Athletics Championships in 5000 meters (2014, Izmir, Turkey).

Volodymyr Trachuk - duelist, participant of XX and XXI Winter Olympic Games;

Liudmyla Pysarenko - biathlon, participant of the XXI Winter Olympic Games.

Among our graduates are well-known businessmen; MPs of Ukraine and regional and city councils, sports journalists, who gratefully acknowledge that the study at the Faculty has shaped them as individuals.

Outstanding graduates and students of the Faculty

About the Faculty
Lectures, computer classes, study rooms and laboratories, gyms, athletics arenas, stadiums, playgrounds are well equipped for the implementation of qualification programs. All training facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and supplies.

The Faculty has developed a clear system and traditions of improving students’ sportsmanship, preparing them for participation in sports competitions of different levels. Chairs pursue purposeful selection of talented youth athletes, maintain close communication with the schools and the city, conduct seminars and meetings of coaches in various sports, establish cooperation with sports societies and clubs.

The latest achievements of pedagogical science, new educational technologies are introduced into the educational process. The Departments work fruitfully on scientific and methodological seminars on higher education pedagogy and physical education of student youth, student scientific circles and problem groups. Many graduates of the Faculty have defended their theses and work at the Faculty of Physical Education.

The Faculty has created and operates a teaching and methodological complex: Ternopil Pedagogical Lyceum of Sports Profile - the Faculty. Each year, 15-20 graduates of the Lyceum become students of the Faculty of Physical Education. Most of them study well and are a valuable addition to University’s teams in various sports. Currently, the training process in the professional disciplines is provided by 4 Departments, where 2 Doctors of Sciences and 35 Candidates of Sciences (PhD) are employed, which makes 75% of the total number of teachers.

The Faculty has created an appropriate educational and material base, which enables proper training of specialists in the field of knowledge of physical education, sports and human health. Lectures, classrooms, computer classes are equipped for specialty disciplines.
The educational and training base for sports and pedagogical disciplines includes: specialized sports halls for sports games, games and mazritmiki, sports, gymnastics, track and field arena, shooting range, stadium with football field, track and track and field games, hammer, disc and grenade throwing field. The Faculty has at its disposal a university library, reading rooms, a student cafeteria, a sports and recreation camp.

Scientific work
The scientific activity of the departments of the Faculty is focused on the problems of optimization of the process of physical education in the educational system. An inter-departmental science laboratory has been set up at the Faculty, and branches of Departments have been established in the schools of Ternopil.

The Departments of the Faculty maintain close relations with the leading higher educational establishments and research centers: Kyiv National University of Physical Education, Kharkiv State Pedagogical University, Institute of Innovative Technologies and Contents of Education of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, with scientific centers and specialized higher education institutions in Romania, Poland, Moldova. Based on the results of scientific research, Faculty scientific conferences of teachers and students are held annually.

Periodically (about every 3 years), the Faculty holds an All-Ukrainian Scientific Conference. Scientists from almost all regions of Ukraine participated in the 2016 conference. An appropriate collection of materials from this conference has been published. Over the past five years, Faculty members have prepared and published four monographs, over 45 teaching aids and developments, and over 200 articles. 

Faculty teachers prepared and published textbooks and methodical manuals on the Theory and methods of physical education (Prof. Shyyan B. M,, Assoc. prof.  Omelianenko O. I.), Gymnastics (Assoc. prof. Ohnystyi A. V.), Athletics (Assoc. prof.  Yednak V. D.), Physiology of sport (Assoc. prof. Omelianenko O. I.), human anatomy and others. The latest achievements of pedagogical science, new educational technologies and computer technology are being introduced into the educational process. Much attention is paid to the organization of individual work with students. For each discipline, the departments specify the content, volume, time and place of this work. Appropriate methodological tips for students have been developed, forms of control have been defined and requirements for the content and the amount of knowledge they need to acquire.

Educational Activities
Educational work is essential in the professional training of future specialists. It is carried out both in the course of training and in extracurricular time and is aimed at comprehensive development of the student’s personality, the education of students of high moral qualities of the future specialist, national consciousness, high culture.

In the conduct of educational work, we focus on the pedagogical cooperation of the teacher and the student. First, students are involved in planning, organizing and conducting educational events.

The most common forms of educational work are disputes, conferences, meetings with experienced physical education teachers and coaches, veterans of work, field trips and more. We have accumulated considerable experience in organizing and conducting weeks of Departments and Faculty. The program of these weeks includes activities such as meetings of students and their parents with Faculty members, exhibitions of students’ creative works, personal libraries of sports and pedagogical literature, student sports awards, sports quizzes, competitions, competitions in various sports. 

Academic groups elect leaders; the students’dean’s office is formed out of the activists, Students Council exists at the Faculty. Students actively participate in the meeting of the Academic Council of the Faculty.

Students are provided with adequate facilities for leisure and recreation. They are active participants in sports evenings, leisure evenings, amateur performances; students take an active part in organizing and conducting meetings with leading physical education teachers, coaches in various sports, in the preparation and holding of weeks of Departments and Faculty.

Sport Teams’ Success
The Faculty’s football team was a champion of the All-Ukrainian Football Association of Students of Ukraine, European Student Champion in 2010, bronze medalist of the 2011 European Championship. In recent years, 5 players of this team as part of the national team of Ukraine have performed at the World Universiade, and student Vasyl Chornyi became the champion of the Universiade.

The handball women’s team of the Faculty of Physical Education “Pedagogical University – Energo” is the silver medalist of the 2016 Ukrainian Championship (Major League). The team won the gold medals in the major leagues in the 2013-2014 season, and in the 2014-2015 season, the “Pedagogical University – Energo” team took part in the championship of Ukraine among the Super League teams and got seventh place.

The volleyball men’s team of the Faculty of Physical Education in the season 2011-2012 won the 1st place in the championship of Ukraine among higher educational establishments, as well as repeatedly became winners of these competitions.

Every year 5-7 students become masters of sports. About 20 students are candidates and members of national teams of Ukraine in different sports. Chairs pursue purposeful selection of athletically gifted young people through well-established cooperation with the Youth, Sports Associations and Clubs of the city and the regions, hold seminars and trainings of trainers in different sports.

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