Faculty of History

Dean: Misko Volodymyr Volodymyrovych            PhD (History), Associate Professor

Vice Dean for Academic affairs: Morska Natalia L'vivna Vice Dean for Educational work: Pryidun Stepan Vasylyovych 

E-mail:  dek_istor@tnpu.edu.ua

Tel: (0352) 53 59 01

The Faculty of History is one of the oldest faculties of the University. The history of the Faculty dates back to 1940, the year of Teachers’ Training Institute in Kremenets foundation. The Faculty employs about 49 academic teachers including 6 professors and 41 associate professors. It includes four departments, computer labs. The student body of the Faculty consists of more than seven hundred full-time and part-time students on Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes. The Faculty offers education at two levels:Bachelor’s Program:- History.Master’s Program:- History.Scientific research conducted at the Faculty concentrates on problems of:- Foreign Affairs of Ukraine;- Urgent Problems in European Countries and Slavic Studies;- Innovation Techniques in Teaching History;- National Movement in Ukraine in XIX-XX cent.;- History and Theory of National and Foreign Culture;- Regional Ethnography and Protection of Cultural Heritage;- Peculiarities of Socio-Economic and Intellectual Development.In recent years the Faculty of History has developed scientific collaboration with schools and educational establishments in Poland, Canada, Germany, France, Greece, USA, Belarus, and the Czech Republic. Such well-known professors as Walerij Soldatenko, Taras Hunchak, Wlodzimierz Bonusiak, Janis Nikolaidis, Michael Zuboka and others are invited to give lectures about native and foreign history. The Faculty cooperates with State Archive of Ternopil Region, Museum of Local Lore, History and Economy, regional Art Gallery and Institute of National Renaissance of Ukraine.Students of the Faculty vigorously participate in national patriotic, charitable and sport events, celebration of ceremonial and memorial days. 

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