Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology

Head: Oksana Mykhailivna Kikinezhdi,

Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor

Dispatcher: Nadiia Ivanivna Vlasiuk 


Department History 

Since September 1983, the Department of Psychology has been functioning as an independent structural unit of the University. It was formed by the functional division of the Department of Pedagogics and Psychology with the allocation to a separate Department of lecturers who lectured and conducted seminars and laboratory classes in the psychological disciplines.

At the initial phase of its establishment the main task of the Department was the development of activities aimed at improving the quality of psychological training of future lecturers. For this purpose, lecturers at the Department of Psychology created a teaching and methodological complex of departmental disciplines, developed methodological support for seminars and laboratory sessions in general psychology, developmental psychology and educational psychology. Integration of scientific research of lecturers took place within the framework of a common departmental theme.

A number of student problem solving groups have been organized by lecturers at the Department of Psychology in order to attract students to scientific work. PhD in Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor Stepanov O.M. was selected as the first Head of the Department of Psychology.

The following subjects are taught by the lecturers of the Department (for Ukrainian and foreign students):

  • “General Psychology”
  • “Developmental and Educational Psychology”
  • “Psychology”
  • “Fundamentals of Environmental Psychology”
  • “Psychological Diagnosis”
  • “Psychology of Higher Education”
  • “Personality Psychology”
  • “Fundamentals of Ethnopsychology”
  • “Crowd Psychology”
  • “Management Psychology”
  • “Pedagogical Psychology”
  • “General and Developmental Psychology”

Department Staff

Doctors of Sciences, Professors:

Oksana Mykhailivna Kikinezhdi 

Maryna Olehivna Orap 

PhDs in Psychological Sciences, Associate Professors:

Hanna Hryhorivn Kolinets 

Oleksandr Ivanovych Meshko 

Liliia Anatoliivna Shyrokoradiuk 

Olha Bohdanivna Kiz 

Yaroslava Yevheniivna Kalba 

Senior laboratory assistant:

Vlasiuk Nadiia Ivanivna

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