Department of Philological Disciplines of Primary Education

Department of Philological Disciplines of Primary Education

Head of the Department: Olena Volodymyrivna Huzar,

PhD in Philological Sciences, Associate Professor

Dispatcher: Tetiana Vasylivna Zelenenka 


Teaching staff of the Department:

Olena Volodymyrivna Huzar - PhD in Philological Sciences, Associate Professor

Nadiia Adamivna Vasylkivska – PhD in Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor

Halyna Stepanivna Odyntsova – PhD in Philological Sciences, Associate Professor 

Liliia Pavlivna Lushpynska – PhD in Philological Sciences, Associate Professor 

Myroslav Mykhailovych Yurkiv 

Olha Vasylivna Turko– PhD in Philological Sciences, Associate Professor 

Larysa Petrivna Kutsa– PhD in Philological Sciences, Lecturer

Yuliia Volodymyrivna Bilous 

Mariana Bohdanivna Natsiuk– PhD in Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor

The teachers successfully conduct language and speech training of students in the following disciplines:

  • Modern Ukrainian language with practice;
  • Ukrainian language for professional purposes;
  • Methods of teaching language and literature;
  • Communicative leadership of a teacher;
  • Linguistic analysis of text;
  • Formation of orthographic and punctuation skills;
  • Children’s literature;
  • Literature for preschoolers;
  • Development of coherent speech;
  • Special course in methodology of teaching the Ukrainian language;
  • Special course in children’s literature;
  • The use of information and communication technologies in primary education;
  • Theory and methodology of native language development of preschoolers;
  • Fundamentals of linguo-stylistics;
  • Special course in the Ukrainian language;
  • Educational technologies of teaching language and literature in primary school;
  • Methodology of teaching a foreign language;
  • Foreign Language;
  • Oral and written speech practice (foreign language);
  • Modern Ukrainian scientific language;
  • Fundamentals of culture and speech and reading technique;
  • Theory and practice of public speaking;
  • Speech culture and declamation.

All disciplines taught at the Department are developed on the basis of organizational and methodological principles of implementation of the credit-module (transfer) system of students’ educational and research work organization in the educational process based on democracy, independence, innovation and creativity within the trends of European and world higher education development.

The teachers of the Department organize the process so that the educational and research work permeates all types of students’ activities both in and outside their classes. Students also carry out individual educational and research tasks in core disciplines of the Department. Every year they publish scientific reports and take part in problem solving groups, scientific and methodical seminars, student conferences. In recent years students have successfully defended their Bachelor’s and Master’s papers. The complexity of such researches enables thorough study of the disciplines and provides quality training of Master’s students of primary and preschool education for their successful professional activities.

The Department staff constantly works on the improvement of the educational process. They have created electronic versions of educational and methodical materials from all educational disciplines of the Department.

The Department teachers have developed and actively implement computerized tests in the process of assessing students’ knowledge in the majority of disciplines. They have also developed electronic test systems for prior, current and final control of the educational activity.

Scientific Work

Scientists of the Department work on important scientific and research problems, including linguistic and methodological features of syntax studies in primary school (Huzar O.V.), relevance of the modern Ukrainian language with practice course studying problem (Lushpynska L.P.), current issues of the methodology of the Ukrainian language teaching (Vasylkivska N.A.), use of interesting linguistic elements in the school course of the Ukrainian language (Odyntsova H.S.), speech culture and declamation (Yurkiv M.M.), poetics of children’s literature (Kutsa L.P.), word order in the Ukrainian sentence (Turko O.V.). Besides, teachers of the Department carry out their researches on the collective theme: “Relevant Problems of Studying the Philological Disciplines in Primary Education”.

On the basis of the Department the “Ukrainian Language” scientific coordination council of the Institute of the Ukrainian Language of the NAS (National Academy of Science) held a field meeting. The topic of the meeting was “Modern Ukrainian Orthography: the Condition and Prospects” and it involved leading Ukrainian linguists. In addition, the Department cooperates with the same departments of the leading higher education institutions of Ukraine (Kyiv, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk), conducts collective scientific and methodological seminars with primary school teachers in Ternopil city and Ternopil region. Lecturers and students of the Department cooperate actively and creatively in the annual Summer Ukrainian-language school, which is a part of the Ukrainian-Canadian educational program of TNPU (Ternopil National Pedagogical University) named after Volodymyr Hnatiuk.

Socially educational work of teachers and students of the Department is carried out systematically and constantly. It is implemented by means of interesting educational activities at the level of the Department and Faculty as well as by separate groups guided by curators.

The semantic components of socially educational work include national-patriotic and moral education. Weeks of the Department, Shevchenko days, poetry festivals, literacy days, days of Ukrainian literature, Faculty days have already become traditional events of our Department.

Now the Department staff, having absorbed considerable experience of the last decades, is aimed to train experts who will be capable of solving scientific and educational problems of a modern society with the help of innovative methods, competence, creativity and professionalism.

History of the Department

The Department of the Native Language and Methods of Its Teaching was established at the Faculty of Training Teachers of Primary School in October 1996 (now Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology). In December 2013, it was renamed to the Department of Philological Disciplines of Primary Education. Since 1996, the Department is headed by Associate Professor Huzar O.V. The Department now employs the following lecturers, professors and associate professors: Huzar O.V., Odyntsova H.S., Lushpynskaya L.P., Vasylkivska N.A., Turko O.V., Yurkiv M.M., Kutsa L.P., Natsiuk M.B., Bilous Yu.M. Zelenenka T.V. is the senior laboratory assistant of the Department.

Experienced and creative lecturers, professors and associate professors have been teaching at the Faculty of Training for Future Teachers of Primary School during the whole period of its functioning. Among them are: Topolnytskyi Ya.L., Kravchuk D.M., Vozniuk L.V., Ustymenko I.O., Kompaniets V.A., Dziubenko O.H., Oliinyk H.A., Prysiazhnyi T.V., Bakina T.S., Skipakevych O.V., Sokil B M., Palykhata E.Ya., Kutsa O.P., Krupa M.P., Soroka P.I., Naumchuk M.M., Budii N.D., Demchenko O.Y.

Thus, the 23-year path of formation and development of the Department is marked by the constant work of lecturers on improving the organization and content of the educational process and the development of modern, interactive methods of teaching courses.

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