Faculty of Physics and Mathematics

Dean: Myron Ivanovych Hromiak, PhD in Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor 
Vice Dean for Academic affairs: Olha Myhailivna Fedyshyn, PhD in Pedagogic Sciences
Dispatcher: Natalia Oleksandrivna Teselska

E-mail: dek_fizmat@tnpu.edu.ua
Websites: new.fizmat.tnpu.edu.ua, http://kafinf.tnpu.edu.ua/en/
Tel:(0352) 53 36 12

The Faculty offers education at two levels:

Bachelor’s Program: 

  • 014.04. Secondary education (Mathematics and Computer science);
  • 014.08. Secondary education (Physics and Computer science);
  • 014.09. Secondary education (Computer science and Mathematics);
  • 122. Computer science (Engineering of game projects);

Master’s Program:

  • 014.04. Secondary education (Mathematics);
  • 014.08. Secondary education (Physics);
  • 014.09. Secondary education (Computer science).

History of the Faculty

The Faculty was established in 1940 at the Kremenetsky Teachers’ Institute. In 1969 it was relocated as a part of the institute in Ternopil. 

The first Dean of the Faculty was D.P. Chizhov, who was later replaced by S.V. Nosov. Other deans of the Faculty were Yu.V. Podshevkin, V.P. Druchok, A.M. Lomakovych, M.M. Fitsula, H.M. Yanchenko, I.F. Sliedzinskyi, D.M. Halan, V.P. Kravets, V.H. Habrusiev, H.P. Khoma, M.I. Hromiak.

During all these years, more than 10 thousand highly qualified teachers of Mathematics, Physics and Computer science were trained at the Faculty. More than 100 graduates of the Faculty have presented their PhD dissertations and today they work as the university teachers. The Faculty is also proud of its graduates who, after receiving scientific degrees, continued working in research institutions of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Academic work

The Faculty has 8 Laboratories for physics experiments, in particular for mechanics, molecular physics, optics and quantum physics, electricity, radio electronics and microprocessor technology, astronomy and methods of teaching physics.

The Faculty’s facilities also include 6 laboratories equipped with modern computers, 5 lecture rooms, 7 lecture rooms for practical classes and a classroom for teaching mathematics.

Scientific and methodical work

Over the years of working at the University, Faculty teachers have prepared and published 56 educational manuals, 3 methodical manuals and 3 textbooks for schools, recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, 14 manuals for higher education institutions, 46 manuals for schools, 28 methodological recommendations, 97 scientific articles, 53 abstracts and conference materials.

Every year students of the Faculty become winners of All-Ukrainian Olympiads in Mathematics and Physics, win personal scholarships and international grants.

Educational Work

Student Council, Scientific Society and Student Self-Government properly function at the Faculty. All cultural and mass events are organized with the help of “Liapas” Student Club. The Faculty has good traditions of celebrating Department Weeks, Freshman Days, Faculty Days and other educational events.

Many interesting sport events are also carried out among the students, have great achievements in sports, often win prizes during the University athletics, table tennis and chess competitions.

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