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Dean: Volodymyr Volodymyrovych Misko, PhD in Historical Sciences, Associate ProfessorVice Dean for Academic affairs: Nataliia Lvivna Morska, PhD in Phylosophical Sciences, Associate ProfessorVice Dean for Educational work:Stepan Vasyliovych Pryidun, PhD in Historical Sciences, Assistant Vice Dean for Scientific work and International Coperation:Lesia Mykolaivna Aleksiievets, Doctor of Historical Sciences, ProfessorDispatcher: Iryna Vitaliivna RakovychE-mail:  dek_istor@tnpu.edu.uaTel: + 38 0352 53 59 01

The Faculty offers education on the following Master’s Programs: 032 History and Archeology 033 Philosophy (Social Processes Analytics)
History of the FacultyThe Faculty was established in 1940 at the Kremenetsky Teachers’ Institute. With the outbreak of the World War II, the institute stopped its functioning until March 1944.
The Faculty of History was closed in 1951 because of the thought that too many universities in Ukraine prepare historians.
In 1969 it was relocated as a part of the institute in Ternopil. In August 31, 1993, the rector of Ternopil State Pedagogical Institute V. Kravets signed an order to establish the Faculty of History.
Its first Dean was Mykola Myronovych Aleksiievets, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor. Oleksandr Mykolaiovych Petrovskyi became the Vice Dean for Academic affairs; Ivan Ivanovych Shumskyi became the Vice Dean for Educational work.
Professor Pavlo Korininenko and Associate Professors Yurii Sviderskyi, Tetiana Hontar, Anatolii Hryhoruk, Anatolii Fartushniak, Vasyl Shepetiuk, Inna Borovska, Mykhailo Hryshchuk, Oleh Polianskyi, Petro Zaliubovskyi, Svitlana Lukianenko, Mykhailo Revutskyi, Ella Bystrytska, Valentyna Sviderska and others were working at the Faculty during the period of its establishment.
In 1993, the Department of Philosophy and Economic Theory was established at the Faculty. Because of the increasing number of the teaching staff, two new departments were included at the Faculty of History in 1993 — the Department of History of Ukraine and Political Science, and the Department of World History.
The next step was the reorganization of the above-mentioned departments in 1998, which resulted in the current structure of the Faculty.
About the FacultyWith the beginning of the Faculty’s functioning, an active scientific work has been deployed. Priority topics are national history and culture studies, Ukrainian statehood study, Ukrainian political and economic ideas. The complex theme of the Faculty is “Ukraine in the Context of European History”.
Scientific research conducted at the Faculty also includes following topics:- Foreign Affairs of Ukraine;- Urgent Problems in European Countries and Slavic Studies;-Innovation Techniques in Teaching History;- National Movement in Ukraine in XIX-XX cent.;- History and Theory of National and Foreign Culture;- Regional Ethnography and Protection of Cultural Heritage;- Peculiarities of Socio-Economic and Intellectual Development.
An important task of the Faculty is to improve the quality of education. First of all, the Faculty cooperates with the leading centers of historical science in Ukraine and abroad. The cooperation with the Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and with the history faculties of Kyiv, Lviv and Chernivtsi National Universities has been extremely successful. The Faculty continues interaction with Polish, Canadian, German, French, Greek, American and Belarusian historians.
The Faculty cooperates with State Archive of Ternopil Region, Museum of Local Lore, History and Economy, regional Art Gallery and Institute of National Renaissance of Ukraine. Students of the Faculty vigorously participate in national patriotic, charitable and sport events, celebration of ceremonial and memorial days. The Faculty has good traditions of organizing and celebrating Open Doors Days and History Olympiads among students of the region. The teachers of the Faculty teach historical disciplines in schools, lyceums and colleges of Ternopil and the region.

Educational activitiesEducational work is based on universal values and moral norms, national and patriotic traditions, Ukrainian language, culture and democratic mentality.
Students initiate meetings with prominent people, commemorate national holidays and important dates of the Ukrainian calendar. Every year students celebrate the Faculty Day, organise ‘Mr.’ and ‘Miss’ of the Faculty contest, take part in ‘Knights Tournament’ and  ‘St. Andrew’s Evening’.
Excursions to Cossack places, castles and museums in Lviv, Ternopil, and Rivne Regions play an important role in expanding students’ outlook and knowledge about Ukraine.
Historians’ achievements are also very notable in the Universiry. They are the winners of various sports competitions, for example in football, mini-football, volleyball, athletics, chess.

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