Department of Journalism

Department of Journalism

Head of the Department:Nataliia Mukolaivna Poplavska,Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor
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Department Staff

  • Natalia Mykolayivna Poplavska, Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Journalism
  • Petro Stepanovych Fedoryshyn, PhD in Philological Sciences, Associate Professor
  • Natalia Levkivna Dashchenko, PhD in Philological Sciences, Associate Professor
  • Halyna Petrivna Synorub, PhD in Social Communications, Associate Professor, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Philology and Journalism
  • Olexandr Kazymyrovych Vilchynskyi, PhD in Social Communications, lecturer
  • Tetiana Vasylivna Reshetukha, PhD in Social Communications, lecturer
  • Petro Zenoviiovych Hutsal, PhD in Historical Sciences, Associate Professor
  • Oksana Vasylivna Kushnir, PhD in Social Communications, Associate Professor
  • Natalia Mykhailivna Furmankevych, PhD in Social Communications, Associate Professor
  • Olesya Yaroslavivna Medinska, PhD in Philological Sciences, lecturer
  • Iryna Volodymyrivna Kyrych, PhD in Social Communications, assistant
  • Anna Myroslavivna Yordan, PhD in Technical Sciences, lecturer
  • Nadiia Volodymyrivna Yanets, assistant 
  • Yuliia Mykolaivna Vynokur, lecturer
  • Natalia Mykolaivna Osoba, senior laboratory assistant
  • Olha Oleksiivna Peleshok, postgraduate student
  • Valentina Volodymyrivna Volyanyuk, engineer of the media studio

History of the Department

In 2004 the Department of Literary Theory, Comparative Literary Criticism and Journalism started preparing students in specialty “Journalism” (Head of the Department: Roman Teodorovych Hromiak Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor). The Department of Journalism was established on August 31, 2005. The Department staff provides fundamental and professional preparation of specialists in the specialty “Journalism” at the Bachelor’s and Master’s educational and qualification levels. In 2015 the Department obtained a license to prepare specialists of the Bachelor’s level in the specialty of 6.030302 «Advertising and Public Relations».

The first Head of the Department was Petro Stepanovuch Fedoryshyn, PhD in Philological Sciences, Associate Professor (2005-2009). Since May, 2009 Nataliia Mykilaivna Poplavska, Doctor of Philological Studies, Professor has become the Head of the Department.

Leading journalists and scientists are involved in the education process: Professors Serbenska O., Tymoshuk M., Krupskyi I., Penchuk I. and Associate Professor Romanyshyn Yu. Department lecturers regularly undergo internships in leading high education institutions and publishing institutes of Ukraine. The creative work at the Department is done in cooperation with regional and all-Ukrainian media. Lecturers and students regularly organize meetings with leading journalists (Burma V., Kulykov A., Lazuka N., Shtokalo-Parkhomchuk Ya., Mostova Yu., Krochak I., Shtohrin I.), public and artistic figures (Khmurych M., Hotsko V., Volynets T., Pavlychko D., Matios M., Levytskyi M., Isichenko I.). The Department publishes scientific papers on social communication in a digest «Media Space». 

The Department is located in the main building, 2 M. Kryvonis St, office 110.

Educational Work

The Department provides teaching of the following disciplines: «Newest Journalism and Reporting», «Analytical Journalism and Corresponding»,  «Mass Communication and Information», «Media Law», «History of Ukrainian Journalism», «History of foreign Journalism»,  «Technical Means of Production», «Theory and Methods of Journalistic Creativity», «Journalistic Ethics», «Theory of Journalism», «Media Criticism», «Media Culture», «Media Security», «Communication Systems of North America», «Communication Systems of Western Europe», «Theory and History of Journalism», «Media Management», «Development Trends of Ukrainian/European Media Industry», «International Journalism», «Newspaper and Magazine Production», «Photojournalism», «Artistic and Journalistic Production», «Radio Journalism and Radio Directing», «TV Production and TV Directing», «Journalistic Skill», «Theory of Publishing», «Internet Journalism», «Problems of Mass Media», «Editing in Mass Media», «Modern Ukrainian Journalism», «Cross Media», «Spelling Culture of Media Text», «The Ukrainian Language in the Media». 

All disciplines of the Department have educational and methodical support: work programs, tasks for individual and independent students’ work, tasks for current, modular and final control, criteria and norms of assessment of students’ knowledge. Educational and methodical complexes of disciplines are constantly improved and updated. Teachers of the Department have developed electronic educational and methodical courses in MOODLE system. All Department disciplines are prepared for distance learning.

Educational and methodological work of the Department is represented in educational textbooks of the following disciplines: «Theory of Journalism», «Introduction to the Specialty» (Kushnir O.V.); «Journalistic Skills» (Vilchynskyi O.K.); «General Editing», «Media Safety (Safety of a Journalist’s Life)», «Theory and Fundamentals of Publishing» (Reshetukha T.V.); «Methodology of Social Communication», «Theory and History of Social Communication», «Communication Systems of North America», «Communication Technologies», «Theory of Mass Communication» (Furmankevych N.M.); «Applied Social and Communication Technologies», «Qualification of the Printed Edition», «Social Informatics» (Yordan H.M.).

The Department staff modernizes the educational process. Lecturers use innovative teaching technologies. Great attention is devoted to the individual and independent students’ work organization. 

Scientific and Research Work

The scientific activity at the Department is aimed at fulfilling the collective theme: «Journalistic Communication: Theory and History». The main priority of the Department scientific direction is the actualization of theoretical principles of the modern model of social communication and its transformation into universal communication technologies.

Lecturers of the Department work on the following research topics: «Narrative Culture of Ukrainian Journalism» (supervisor: Professor Poplavska N.M.); «Intertextual Nature of Modern Media Discourse» (supervisor: Associate Professor. Dashchenko N.L); «The Role of Media in the Formation of Education in Western Ukraine» (supervisor: Associate Professor Fedoryshyn P.S.); «Press of West Ukrainian People’s Republic as a Phenomenon of Domestic Periodicals» (supervisor: Associate Professor Hutsal P.Z.); «Ukrainian Journalism in Exile: History and Present Days» (supervisor: Associate Professor Kushnir O.V.); «Conflict Content of Mass Media Activity (Context of Audience Behavior Formation)» (supervisor: Associate Professor Synorub H.P.); «Communication Technologies of Modern Mass Media Space of Ukraine in the Context of European Integration» (supervisor: Associate Professor Furmankevych N.M.); «Press of Ternopil Region in the Period of Social Changes (1989-1991)» (supervisor: Lecturer Vilchynskyi O.K.); «National Mode in Modern Ukrainian Journalism» (supervisor: Lecturer Medynska O.Ya.); «Journalism and Publishing of Ternopil: History and Present Days» (supervisor: Lecturer Reshetukha T.V.); «Architectonics of Printed Publications: History and Present Days» (supervisor: Lecturer Yordan H.M.), «Public Service Broadcasting in Ukraine: Models of Functioning and Ways of Implementation» (supervisor: Lecturer Kyrych I.V.), «Genre Forming Models of Modern Journalism» ( supervisor: Lecturer Yanets N.V.); «Problems, Challenges of the Transition from Analog to Digital Broadcasting and the Introduction of Digital Regional Television» (supervisor: Yu. M. Vynokur).

Under the guidance of the Department teachers, students’ research problem solving groups actively work. There students have the opportunity to master special knowledge in accordance with their scientific and cognitive interests.

The results of the research work of the Department teaching staff are published in monographs: «Polemicists. Rhetoric. Persuasion (Ukrainian Polemical and Journalistic Prose of the Late XVI - Early XVII Centuries)» (Professor Poplavska N.M.); «Press of Ukrainians in Slovakia: Literary, Artistic and Journalistic Magazine «Dukla»» (Associate Professor Kushnir O.V.); «The Concept of Media Conflict Content in the Theory of Social Communication (the Context of the Audience Behavior Formation)» (Associate Professor Synorub H. P.); «Advertising Discourse in the Electronic Media of Ukraine: Sociolinguistic Features, Forms of Creation on the Internet» (Associate Professor Furmankevych N.M.); «History of Foreign Literature of the XIX Century: Romanticism» (Associate Professor Fedoryshyn P. S.).

The Department lecturers become co-authors of monographs, manuals, encyclopedias, designed not only for secondary education institutions, but also for higher education institutions according to the introduction of modular and rating system of knowledge assessment. Professor Poplavska N.M. is a co-author of textbooks «History of Ukrainian Literature: in 12 volumes» T.2 (Taras Shevchenko Institute of Literature of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU),  «History of Ukrainian Literature of the XIX Century (70-90s)»; Associate Professor Hutsal P.Z. is a co-author of «Encyclopedia of the History of Ukraine» (Institute of History of Ukraine, NASU), «Encyclopedia of Modern Ukraine” (Institute of Encyclopedic Research, NAS); Associate Professor Yordan H.M. is a co-author of the monograph «Technologies of Microwave Drying of Book Blocks» (Ukrainian Academy of Printing).

Professor Poplavska N.M. is a member of the scientific and methodological commission on journalism of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, a member of two specialized councils: Zaporizhzhia Classic Private University and Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University (Deputy Chairman). Associate Professors Dashchenko N.L. and Hutsal P.Z. are members of Taras Shevchenko Scientific Society.

The Department maintains scientific and methodical relations with Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Odessa I. Mechnykov National University, Zaporizhzhia Classic Private University, Sumy State A.S. Makarenko Pedagogical University, Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, Oles Honchar Dnipro National University etc.

The Department lecturers take an active part in international, all-Ukrainian and regional scientific conferences: «National Periodicals of the Early Twentieth Century: Development and Implementation of the Ukrainian Idea of State Formation» (Kyiv); «Kharkiv and Kharkiv University in the Development of Ukrainian Journalism» (Kharkiv); «Relevant Problems of Journalism» (Odessa); «Linguistic and Cultural Communication in the Modern World» (Kyiv); «Ethnicity. Culture. Nation» (Drohobych); «Ukrainian Periodicals: History and Modernity» (Lviv); «Creative and Organizational Features of the Modern Media Space Functioning» (Ternopil); «Social Communication of the Modern World» (Zaporizhzhia); «Language. Society. Journalism» (Kyiv); «World Standards of Modern Journalism» (Cherkasy); «Mass Communication: History, Present, Prospects» (Lutsk); «Modern Mass Media Space: Realities and Prospects of Development» (Vinnytsia); «Mass Communication: History, Present, Prospects» (Lutsk); «Ukrainian Information Space in the Global Context: Achievements, Problems, Prospects» (Kyiv); «Gender Approach Implementation: New Opportunities for Ukrainian Journalism» (Odessa); «Social Communication: State, Problems, Trends» (Kyiv); «Democracy and Mass Media» (Dnipropetrovsk); «New Media in Ukraine» (Kyiv); «Linguo-cultural Discourse in the Paradigm of Vocational Education» (Kyiv); «Relevant Problems of Modern Mass Media Space» (Kharkiv); «Security of Journalists in Ukraine. Cessation of Impunity» (Kyiv); «Ukrainian Studies - Past, Present, Future» (Brno, Czech Republic), «Integration on the Basis of Research and Innovation» (Moldova), «UKRAINISCHE WISSENSCHAFT IM EUROPÄISCHEN KONTEXT. UKRAINISCH-DEUTSCHE WISSENSCHAFTSBEZIEHUNGEN» (München).

The Department lecturers provide reviewers of dissertations abstracts, textbooks and manuals; they act as opponents of doctoral and PhD thesis. 

The Department of Journalism took part in international project «Cross Media and Quality Journalism», which was realized with the support of «ТEMPUS IV» program. During that time, teachers and students have repeatedly undergone internships and training in Sibiu (Romania) and Passau (Germany).

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