Department of Orthopedagogy and Physical Therapy

Department of Orthopedagogy and Physical Therapy

Head of the Department: Olha Romanivna Barladyn, PhD in Medical Sciences, Associate Professor

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Department Staff

Halyna Ivanivna Falfushynska, Doctor of Biological Science, Associate Professor, Vice-Rector for Scientific Work and International Cooperation;

Olha Romanivna Barladyn, PhD in Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Department;

Liudmyla Oleksiivna Vakulenko, PhD in Medical Sciences, Associate Professor;

Valerii Serhiiovych Hrushko, PhD in Medical Sciences, Assistant Professor;

Svitlana Zbihnivna Khrabra, PhD in Biological Sciences, Lecturer;

Oleksandr Pavlovych Varakuta, laboratory assistant;

Oksana Dmytrivna Veremchuk, laboratory assistant.

History of the Department

The Department was established in 1969 as the Department of Civil Defense and Medical Training. On its basis in 1986 the Department of Fundamentals of Healthy Lifestyle was founded, on the initiative of Assistant Professor Stasiuk H.A. Since 1992 it has been functioning at the Faculty of Chemistry and Biology and on the proposal of Associate Professor Hrushko V.S., the Department was renamed to the Department of Valeology and Child Health. It was a landmark event as it was the first Department of Valeology not only in Ukraine but also in all CIS countries. It was the Department of Valeology at Ternopil State Pedagogical Institute that initiated teaching of Valeology in a secondary school.

In 2005, due to the establishment of a new specialty “Physical Rehabilitation”, the Department was transferred to the Faculty of Physical Education and was renamed to the Department of Physical Rehabilitation and Valeology. Since 2012 it has been named the Department of Human Health, Physical Rehabilitation and Life Safety. Heads of the Department were Stasiuk H.A., Associate Professor (1969 – 1989), Tsarenko A.V., Associate Professor (1989 – 1995 ), Sytnyk S.I., Professor (1995 – 1999), Lopatka H.F., Associate Professor (1999 – 2002), Oliinyk A.M., Professor (2002 – 2007), Yepishyn A.V., Professor (2007 – 2016), Khrabra S.Z., Head of the Department, Associate Professor (2016 – 2017), Falfushynska H.I., Associate Professor (2017 – 2018), Barladyn O.R., Head of the Department, Associate Professor (2018 – present day).

During the period of its functioning, more than 150 specialists in physical rehabilitation were trained at the Department of Physical Education. Three graduates have defended their dissertations (Olena Sokoliuk, Ivanna Bahrii, Anastasiia Rutska), and now they are working as lecturers at higher education institutions.

The graduates of the Department work in medical institutions, sanatoriums, boarding houses of different types, private health institutions. In accordance with the curriculum and the timing of internship, the Department selected bases that fully meet the requirements of training specialists in the field of physical rehabilitation. In particular, these are Petrykiv Regional Geriatric Boarding House, Ternopil Regional Training and Rehabilitation Center, Ternopil Regional Experimental Prosthetic and Orthopedic Enterprise, Ternopil Regional Center for Complex Rehabilitation. The agreements on cooperation with these institutions have been concluded.

The effectiveness of training of rehabilitation specialists on the basis of the Department is confirmed by high percentage of specialty employment of our graduates in many therapeutic rehabilitation institutions throughout the region and Ukraine.

The Department graduates students and provides training for specialists in the educational and professional program Special Education (Physical Rehabilitation) and at educational and qualification levels: Bachelor’s and Master’s degree.

Currently, the Department prepares specialists in the field of 01. Education/Pedagogy, qualification: Bachelor of Special Education, Specialist in Physical Rehabilitation, Teacher of Physical Education.

Solid professionalism of the academic staff is a guarantee of training of highly qualified specialists – creative, ingenious, forward looking, able to work in special teaching and educational, health-improving, medical-preventive and educational institutions in positions of heads of the rehabilitation centers, departments, offices, institutions; instructor-methodologists in recreational sports; specialists of physical rehabilitation in rehabilitation and training centers, treatment and rehabilitation centers; specialists of physical rehabilitation in hospitals, infirmaries, early treatment centers, polyclinics and other medical and sanatorium institutions; specialists in Physical Education; training specialists in physical culture and sports; Physical Education teachers, assistant rehabilitation teachers; preschool teacher’s assistants; special educational needs teaching assistants; sports massage therapists; specialists in medical physical culture; massage therapists (private practice, medical institutions, etc.); consultants in psychological, medical and educational guidance centers. 

The Faculty provides training in the following disciplines: Fundamentals of a Healthy Lifestyle, Fundamentals of Medical Knowledge, Neurobiology of Development and Motor Skills, Psychological Treatment in Rehabilitation with Fundamentals of Psychophysiology, Psychological Aspects of Physical Rehabilitation, Physical Rehabilitation (propedeutic practice), Physical Rehabilitation for Diseases of Internal Organs, Physical Rehabilitation for Diseases of Musculoskeletal System, Physical Rehabilitation for Nervous System Diseases, Full-body Massage and Self-massage, Physical Rehabilitation in Sports, Methods of Physical Rehabilitation, Technical Means of Physical Rehabilitation, Clinical and Laboratory Diagnostics, Therapeutic Massage, Recovery Massage, Physical Rehabilitation in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Physical Rehabilitation for Multiple Diseases, Physical Rehabilitation in Trautomatology and Surgery, Pharmacology in Physical Education and Sports, Health Systems with Fundamentals of Balneology, Diet Therapy, Medicinal Plants and Health, Non-traditional Health Systems.

Scientific Work

The scientific researches of the Department are conducted on the basis of research work in the following sphere: “Studying the Dependence of the Academic Performance of First Year Students of Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University on the Morphofunctional Features of the Organism”.

Student scientific research and problem solving groups successfully work at the Department. According to the results of the research work, students prepare speeches for the final scientific conference of the University; participate in the final second round scientific conferences of the All-Ukrainian competition of students’ scientific works. Under the guidance of Vakulenko L.O., members of the group conduct charity therapeutic massage sessions for ATO participants and children with disabilities.

The lecturers’ scientific work results in monographs, scientific articles, scientific conference abstracts, workshops at scientific conferences, meetings, seminars. There are scholarly publications in periodicals that are included in Scopus science databases.

The staff of the Department is constantly working on improving the educational process. In particular, Associate Professor Vakulenko L.O. has published textbooks: “Therapeutic Massage”, “Fundamentals of Rehabilitation of Physical Therapy, Ergotherapy”, “Full-body Massage and Self-massage”, a fragment to the textbook “Physical Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine” for medical universities in Ukraine; manuals: “Atlas for Massage Therapist”, “Medical and Social Rehabilitation”, “Fundamentals of Physical Rehabilitation”, “Physical Rehabilitation of Patients Who Suffered Acute Disorders of Cerebral Circulation”, “Fundamentals of Massage: Specialty Orthopedics”, “Information Technology in Physical and Medical Rehabilitation”, “Therapeutic and Recovery Massage in Pediatrics”, “Information Technology in Therapeutic and Recovery Massage”, “Preformed Physical Factors (in diagrams, figures, algorithms, tables)”, “Fundamentals of Medical and Social Rehabilitation in Nursing”; e-textbooks: “Sports Medicine”, “Fundamentals of Rehabilitation in Physical Therapy, Ergotherapy”, “Medical Recovery Massage in Pediatrics”; exercise books for all academic disciplines.

Associate Professor Hrushko V.S. has published textbooks: “Psychovaleology”, “Psychological Aspects of Physical Rehabilitation”, “Accentuations of Character: Chrestomathy”, “Psychophysiology”, “Human Health and Fundamentals of a Healthy Lifestyle”, “Fundamentals of Medical Knowledge and First Aid”.

PhD in Biological Sciences Khrabra S.Z. has published textbooks: “Fundamentals of Threpsology and Healthy Nutrition”, “Medicinal Plants and Health”, monograph “Medicinal Plants of Ternopil Region”.

Associate Professor Barladin O.R. has published methodical recommendations: “Master’s Thesis as a Qualifying Study”, methodical recommendations for writing and defending course work, methodical recommendations for organizing and conducting rehabilitation (clinical) practices for Bachelors, Specialists and Masters. She is a co-author of the monograph “Problems of Osteoporosis” under the editorship of Professor Kovalchuk L.A., and of 4 manuals.

Laboratory assistant Varakuta O.P. is the author of the e-textbook “Security Culture”.

Laboratory assistant Veremchuk O. D. is the author of methodical recommendations on individual student preparation for practical classes in the subject of “Physical Rehabilitation for Disorders of the Musculoskeletal System”.

Educational Work

The Department carries out purposeful work on education of students in the spirit of patriotic ideas, emulation of common human values and formation of high national consciousness.

In addition to the daily purposeful education at the Department, it became customary to hold a number of mass events: the initiation of freshmen to students, the initiation of freshmen to rehabilitators, where parents of first-year students are invited, Faculty Day, Department Week, competitions of student scientific works, participation in Career Fairs and more.

The students of the Department are famous for their achievements not only in educational and scientific work, but also in sports.

All of the above indicates that the Department of Orthopedics and Physical Therapy today has a highly qualified academic staff and a proper educational and material base. It gives us all hope for the prospects of its further strengthening and development.

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