Faculty of Foreign Languages

Dean: Mykola Stepanovych Kebalo,
PhD in Philological Sciences, Associate Professor

Vice Dean for Academic affairs:
Oleksandr Mykhailovych Peliak

Vice Dean for Educational work:
 Nataliia Stefanivna Levchyk, Associate Professor

Vice Dean for Scientific work and international cooperation:
Olha Mykhailivna Pezhynska

Dispatcher: Nataliia Bohdanivna Lenko
E-mail:  dek_inmov@tnpu.edu.ua, kebalo@ukr.net  
Telephone: +38 0352 43 58 31  

The Faculty offers education at two levels:

Bachelor’s Programs: 

  • 014.02 Secondary education (Language and literature (English))
  • 014.02 Secondary education (Language and literature (German))
  • 035.041 Philology. Germanic languages and literatures (which includes Translation Studies) (Eng.- Ukr. translation)
Master’s Programs: 
  • 014.021 Secondary education (Language and literature (English))
  • 014.022 Secondary education (Language and literature (German))
  • 035.04 Philology. Germanic languages and literatures (which includes Translation Studies) (Eng.-Ukr. translation)
  • 035.04 Philology. Germanic languages and literatures (which includes Translation Studies) (English/German language and literature)

History of the Faculty

The Faculty of Foreign Languages was established in 1993.
The first recruitment of students at the specialty «English Language and Literature» was conducted by the Foreign Languages Department. The first Dean of the Faculty was Associate Professor Smertin V.S. A year later, in 1994, he was substituted by Associate Professor Khomenko L. Ya.
In 1999, the Department of the English Laguage and Methods of its Teaching was complemented by the Department of English Practice.
The specialty «French language and literature» was establiahed in 2000.
In 2002 the Faculty began to teach Master’s degree students.
In 2003, the Faculty opened the specialty «Translation (English-Ukrainian)» (Head of the Department — Associate Professor Oliinyk T. S.)
In 2004 Associate Professor Hinka B. I. became the Dean of the Faculty. 
In 2015, Associate Professor Kebalo M.S. became the Dean of the Faculty. 
On March 28, 2016, «Center for Foreign Language Learning» was established to improve students’ and teachers’ of all University Faculties communication competences (B2 and C1 levels, according to CEFR).

Academic work

Teaching and learning process at the Faculty is based on the dialogical concept of education.
Students can use 27 study rooms that are well-designed and equipped with the modern multimedia educational tools.
Educational classrooms have all the necessary audio and video equipment. The departments can use a TV room for organizing various interactive types of work. A modern laboratory for simultaneous translation with 15 computers is used for training the university students.
The Faculty’s foreign language library incorporates modern, educational, scientific, historical, methodological, and fiction literature. In the reading room of electronic resources one can find and order the necessary materials from other libraries of Ukraine and from abroad.
Such a strong material and technical base contributes to a successful learning process of our students. The quality of our students’ knowledge is one of the highest in the University.

Scientific activity of the Faculty

The research work of the Faculty teachers and students is focused on the analysis of the problems of linguistics, literary studies, methods of teaching foreign languages and pedagogy. 88 teachers work at the Faculty, among them are 3 Doctors in Pedagogical Sciences and Professors,  47 PhD and Associate Professors.
In 1999, the Faculty initiated and organized the international scientific and practical conference «Foreign Languages: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow». In 2004 the Faculty successfully held the international scientific and practical conference «Socio-cultural Aspects of Foreign Language Teaching». In 2013, an international scientific and practical conference «Relevant problems of Germanic-Romance philology and educational socio-cultural process» was held at the Faculty.
Teachers and students of the Faculty often demonstrate their scientific achievements to their foreign colleagues at international scientific conferences in Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Sweden, Norway, Italy.

Educational work

The necessary conditions at the Faculty give students the possibility to play sports and spend quality time at its territory. Students of the Faculty publish the Polyglot newspaper, Pehas (Pegasus) students’ translations and take an active part in amateur performances and sporting activities of the University.
Additional fame, this time in sport, was brought to the Faculty by Olena Kryvytska, the English Department student, who became the champion of the 24th World University Fencing Championship in Thailand in 2007. Master of Sports in snowboarding Victoria Halatovych often wins various competitions too. Handball, basketball and volleyball teams of the Faculty regularly win different prizes at the University championships.
Amateur performances at the Faculty are also very succesfull. The University is fascinated by the wonderful singing talent of Ihor Zhurakovskyi, the winner of many contests.
The Faculty has a good tradition of celebrating Faculty Days, Departments Weeks, Freshman Days, Translator Days, St. Valentine's Day, Halloween and Thanksgiving.

International relations of the Faculty

The Faculty tries to establish professional contacts and cooperate with European and American colleagues in various projects.
The students of the Faculty increase their mobility by participating in various programs, international competitions for scholarships and grants.
For many years, the Faculty has been working closely with diverse international organisations and educational establishments. Among all they include the British Council, the Goethe-Institut, the German Academic Exchange Service, the Ukrainian Relief Committee of the Galician Germans (Stuttgart, Germany), the Hanns Seidel Foundation (Munich, Germany), the Universities of Regensburg (Germany) and Edmonton (Canada), the Teachers Without Borders Association (France), University of Ruse (Bulgaria), German-Ukrainian Association «FreiE Ukraine Braunschweig e.V.», Ruhr-University Bochum (Germany).
Representatives of the Peace Corps (US), the Robert Bosch Foundation and the French Alliance work at the Faculty, conduct practical classes, organize English and German clubs.
The Faculty always uses the opportunity to invite teachers and lecturers from Europe, the USA and Canada.

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