The First Vice-Rector

Grygorii Vasyliovych Tereshchuk

Grygorii Vasyliovych Tereshchuk

Doctor of Sciences (Pedagogy), Full Professor,
corresponding member of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine

Tel. 53-61-33

Grygorii Tereshchuk was born in 1954 in the Ternopil region. In 1976, he graduated from the Ternopil Pedagogical Institute, received a qualification of a teacher of general technical disciplines and physics. He worked as a teacher of physics, astronomy, labour training in Skalat and Ternopil. Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, speciality “Theory and methods of labour training”. The theme of the doctoral dissertation: “Didactic bases of individualization of labour training of pupils of comprehensive schools”. Since 1994 - Head of the Department of Fundamentals of Pedagogical Skills of Ternopil Pedagogical Institute, and since September 1995 - Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs and at the same time Professor, Head of the Department of Labour Training. Chairman of the Scientific and Technical Council of Ternopil Pedagogical University. Since 2006 - the first Vice-Rector.

He is a Member of the expert council of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine: pedagogy, psychology, sociology, Ukrainian studies, problems of education and science, youth and sports. Member of the editorial board of the All-Ukrainian magazine “Labour Training in Educational Institutions” and other publications, editor-in-chief of the professional publication “Scientific Notes of Ternopil Pedagogical University. Series: Pedagogy”. Under his leadership, 8 doctoral and 22 candidate dissertations were defended. 

He has published about 150 scientific and methodological works (5 monographs, 12 manuals), including:
  • Tereshchuk G.V. Individualization of labour training: didactic aspect / Edited by V.A. Poliakova. - M.: Inst. IPSD RAD, 1993. - 200 p.
  • The system of education of national self-consciousness of secondary school students. - K.: M.P. Dragomanov NPU, 1999. - 295 p. (co-authored);
  • Fundamentals of engineering and technology. - K.: M.P. Dragomanov NPU, 2001. - 163 p. (co-authored);
  • Theoretical bases of the methodical system of individualized training. - Labour training in educational institutions. - 2005. - № 1. - P. 3-6;
  • Zawodowe ksztaltowani sie specjalisty o profilu ekonomicznym. - Problemy Profesjologii. - Zielona Gora, 2005, S. 163-173. 
  • Fundamentals of pedagogical research. - Olsshtyn: WSIiE TWP, 2010. - 326 p.
  • Competent approach in the work of the pedagogical university. - Education. - 2013. - №45. - P. 4
  • Labour Migration in Ukraine: economic, social and psychological effects. - Problems of Professiology. - Zielona Gora. - 2013. - № 2. - P. 187 - 192.

Duties of the First Vice-Rector:
1. Substitutes the Rector in case of his absence, is responsible to the Rector for the organization of the educational process and ensuring its quality.
2. Supervises educational, methodical, and organizational work of departments and faculties.
3. Provides control over the implementation of labour protection and safety measures.
4. Considers draft orders on student education, their exclusion, granting them academic leave, performs the appointment of scholarships and signs them.
5. Prepares proposals for changes in the teaching staff and support staff.
6. Manages the work of the Scientific-Methodical Council of the university, coordinates the work of scientific-methodical commissions of faculties, subject commissions of departments, and organizes examination of methodical materials prepared by departments.
7. Plans and coordinates the preparation of meetings of the Academic Council and the Rectorate of the University.
8. Coordinates the work of faculties and departments to ensure their links with educational institutions, bases of practices and government agencies.
9. Responsible for the introduction of new educational technologies in the educational process, its informatization, the functioning of the internal computer network and programs, updating the WEB-page of the university.
10. Organizes the work of examination commissions, public analysis of the results of state certification of graduates.
11. Supervises the planning and organization by the faculties of the final control of students of correspondence (distance) form of education.
12. Participates in the work of the admissions committee, supervises the work of the University Preparation Centre.
13. Coordinates work with student youth, controls its effectiveness.
14. Coordinates the work of supporting the employment of students and graduates of the university.
15. Supervises the activities of Postgraduate education center and branches of departments in educational institutions.
16. Carries out the selection and placement of scientific and pedagogical staff, employees in departments and services of direct subordination.
17. Organizes work on advertising of the university in mass media, regional exhibitions and reference materials.
18. Coordinates the work on the exchange of experience in the educational process and quality assurance of education.
19. Makes proposals for the distribution of teaching staff and support staff.
20. Signs financial documents on behalf of the Rector or in case of his replacement.

Units directly subordinate to the First Vice-Rector:
1. Educational and Methodical Office.
2. Youth Affairs Office.
3. Technical Support of Training Office.
4. Education Quality Assurance Monitoring Center.
5. Centre for distance learning and the latest educational technologies.

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