Vice-rector for Research and International Cooperation

Zadorozhna IrynaZadorozhna Iryna

Doctor of Sciences (Education), professor


Iryna Zadorozhna graduated with honors from Ternopil State Pedagogical Institute in 1993. She worked as an English teacher at Ternopil Specialized School № 3 with an in-depth study of the English language. Since 1998, she has worked as a teacher at Ternopil State Pedagogical Institute. In 2002, Iryna Zadorozhna defended candidate thesis. In 2007-2010, Iryna Zadorozhna studied the doctoral program at Kyiv National Linguistic University. In December 2012, she defended doctoral dissertation on the topic “Theoretical and methodological foundations of organization pre-service teachers’ independent work on mastering English language communicative competence” (specialty 13.00.02 – theory and methods of teaching (Germanic languages)) at Kyiv National Linguistics University. In 2014, she received the academic title of professor.
Under the supervision of Iryna Zadorozhna, 9 candidate theses in the specialty 13.00.02 – theory and methods of teaching (Germanic languages) and 1 dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (specialty 011 Educational, Pedagogical Sciences) were successfully defended. From 2014 to 2021 Iryna Zadorozhna was the head of the specialized academic council K 58.053.05 (specialties 13.00.02 “Theory and methods of teaching (Germanic languages)” and 13.00.02 “Theory and methods of teaching (Ukrainian language)”) at Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatik National Pedagogical University. Iryna Zadorozhna is a member of the specialized academic council for awarding the scientific degree of Doctor of Sciences D 26.054.01 at Kyiv National Linguistics University (council profile: 13.00.02 "Theory and methods of teaching (foreign language)").
Iryna Zadorozhna is a member of the editorial boards of the scientific journals: “Scientific Issues of Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University. Series: Pedagogy”, “Foreign Languages”, “Bulletin of Kyiv National Linguistic University. Series: Pedagogy and psychology”. She is a member of Encuentro International Scientific Committee Journal (ISSN 1989-0796) (Spain), indexed in the Web of Science.
Iryna Zadorozhna is a guarantor of educational and scientific program (Educational, pedagogical sciences).

Project participant:• “New Generation School Teacher” (Ministry of Education and Culture of Ukraine and the British Council in Ukraine, 2018–2019);• “Ukraine - Poland: intercultural dialogue in the context of professional development of young people” (23–29.09.2018), Higher School of Foreign Languages in the city of Częstochowa, Poland)• Erasmus+: CBHE (Development of Higher Education Potential) “Foreign Language Teacher Training Capacity Development as a Way that Ukraine's Multilingual Education and European Integration (610427-EPP-1-20191-EE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP)”;• “Learn to discern: information media literacy” IREX, the US Embassy in Ukraine and Embassy of Great Britain in Ukraine, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Academy of the Ukrainian Press, Kyiv.• “Pre-Service English Teacher Methodology Program for Pedagogical Universities”, organized by the International Charitable Organization “Consortium for Enhancement of Ukrainian Management Education — CEUME” with the assistance of the US Embassy in Ukraine.
Iryna Zadorozhna was awarded with Certificates of Ternopil Regional State Administration (2013, 2017, 2018), Certificate of National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine (2015), Certificate of Appreciation of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (2019), Certificate of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (2019), medal of the Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine “K.D. Ushynsky” (2020), Certificate of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (2020), medal of Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine “Hryhoriy Skovoroda”.Internship Participant of University Administration Support Program (IREX) in 2014, thanks to which Iryna Zadorozhna completed an internship at Montclair State University (USA) in September–November 2014 and took part in a seminar on management issues in higher education at George Mason University (USA).Internship at Higher School of Foreign Languages as a part of “European Week 2014” (Czestochowa, Poland, January 2014).Internship “Multilingualism and more” at the University of Tartu (Estonia) in July 2022 with the aim of developing national recommendations for the development of multilingual higher education in Ukraine within the project Erasmus + “Foreign Language Teacher Training Capacity Development as a Way that Ukraine's Multilingual Education and European Integration (610427-EPP-1-20191-EE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP)”.PublicationsIryna Zadorozhna is the author and co-author of about 150 publications, including 2 monographs, 3 textbooks for teaching the English language at school, recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science, 5 study guides, 73 articles in national scientific journals, 7 papers in international collections with a citation index in Web of Science, and others. A citation index in the Google Scholar database (h-index 7); a citation index of articles in the Web database of Science h-index 2. Responsibilities 1. Substitutes for the rector in case of his or first vice-rector's absence.2. Responsible for the quality of research and expansion of international cooperation and internationalization processes.3. Represents the university in various organizations on research issues.4. Manages the Scientific and Technical Council, and supervises the work of scientific seminars at the departments.5. Coordinates the work on the preparation of dissertations for obtaining the scientific degrees of Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Sciences, postgraduate and doctoral studies, supervises specialized academic councils of the university.6. Facilitates the work of the scientific society of students, postgraduates, doctoral students, and young scientists, and coordinates the work of university departments on students’ research.7. Coordinates the editorial boards of the university's journals.8. Approves annual scientific reports of departments.9. Organizes and monitors the professional development of scientific and pedagogical personnel.10. Leads the work on conducting the university student olympiad in academic disciplines and recruiting university teams for All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad.11. Coordinates work on conducting scientific events of various statuses at the university.12. Responsible for the preparation of project proposals for participation in national and international programs, coordinates appeals to international grant organizations for obtaining material and non-material assistance and ensures internal control and audit of the implementation by university employees research projects.13. Coordinates the implementation of the principles of academic integrity at the university.14. Leads the work on international scientific cooperation, controls the effectiveness of international scientific relations and prepares projects of agreements on international cooperation.15. Organizes and coordinates the submission of information for the university participation in all-Ukrainian and international rankings of higher education institutions.16. Coordinates work on academic mobility of students and teachers, including double and joint degree programs.17. Organizes and coordinates the study of foreign citizens and stateless persons at the university.18. Coordinates and supervises the work of the Science department, Research department, Department of Postgraduate and Doctoral Education, International Relations Office, Scientific library, Academic secretary service.19. On behalf of the rector, signs documents on scientific activities of the university, on business trips to scientific conferences and student olympiads, on internships, and on personnel issues on contract and state budget topics.

Units directly subordinate to the Vice-rector for Research and International Cooperation1. Science Department.2. Research Department.3. Department of Postgraduate and Doctoral Education.4. International Relations Office. 5. Scientific Library.

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