Молодіжний обмін в Угорщині

Молодіжний обмін в Угорщині

Міжнародна волонтерська організація «СВІТ-Україна» запрошує молодих людей взяти участь у молодіжному обміні в Угорщині.

Тема - медіа, відео та фото виробництво. Дедлайн - 10 липня 2018 року (далі - англ.).

Application Form

Youth Exchange “Change for Media - Presenting the future”
Where: Hungary
When: 17–26 August 2018

Application procedure:

• Please, download, fill in Application Form (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gpQKZD8z5_ZygINOagELS0CiNgGxn9iy/view)
and send it to projects@svit-ukraine.org together with your CV.

• Apply before 10th July 2018

We are looking for people:

● Aged between 18‐25

● Basic English level

● Willingness to enjoy, participate and learn in an intercultural environment!

● Interested in the topic of migration or have a migrant background

Accommodation and meals are fully covered by SCI Hungary.
The flight tickets will be reimbursed on the amount budgeted, under presentation of required proof of travelling (invoices and boarding passes).


Do you have a message to send to the future?
What would you preserve from your current reality?
Are you interested in making videos and photos?
Are you interested in the topic of migration or have a migrant background yourself?

Join us to create a time capsule in CHANGE FOR MEDIA – PRESENTING THEFUTURE, 17-26 August 2018, Hungary!
The youth exchange will bring together 25 participants from 5 countries (Hungary, Italy, Spain, Serbia, Ukraine) for 9 days, in which they will develop skills and gain competences to make their voice heard by the tools of media.
The participants will work in groups, sharing their ideas and views, learning methods of filmmaking and media, and creating a project together in the topic of Presenting the Future.
You can find videos from the previous years in our VIMEO channel: https://vimeo.com/opendoorshungary
A short video from last year: https://vimeo.com/273709869

Контакти   projects@svit-ukraine.org

До списку

Приймальна комісія
Тел. (098) 416-65-93 Тел. (095) 565-38-98 Тел. (0352) 53-39-58
Email: pk@tnpu.edu.ua
Гаряча лінія
Тел. (0352) 43-58-80 Email: pravo@tnpu.edu.ua