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Information for prospective students


Foreign citizens are enrolled to Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University on the following grounds:

·       international treaties of Ukraine;

·       nationwide programs;

·       University agreements with legal entities and natural persons.

Foreign citizens have the right to travel to Ukraine with an aim to study at university on the ground of “Invitation to study” (further – Invitation) at a state standard established by the Ukrainian State Center for International Education.

Contest Committee gives recommendations on the invitation of a foreigner to study on the basis of copies of such documents submitted to the University in paper based or electronic form:

·       passport of the foreigner;

·       academic transcript or a document which proves the received level of education with marks for academic disciplines;

·       written consent to the processing of personal data.

At this stage the University determines the need for translation of documents into Ukrainian as well as interviewing, if possible, online.


         Foreigners may enter the university twice a year, before and at the beginning of semesters (before November 1, or until March 1): for obtaining a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree – based on the evaluation/assessment of submitted documents and interviews on certain subjects and language of instruction.

        During the year foreigners enter the TNPU for postgraduate study (PhD programs), doctoral studies based on the evaluation/assessment of submitted documents and interviews or other introductory tests on specified subjects and language of instruction.

Foreigners enroll in the University for one year in order to study the programs

of the preparatory department for foreigners to learn the state language or language of instruction, as well as for higher education, advanced training, internship, in order of transfer and renewal on the basis of the decision of the admission commission of the university on the results of the analyzed documents submitted in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations on training (internship) of foreign citizens in TNPU.



        Foreign students’ education is provided stationary (full-time) and distance studying (part-time).

·       preparatory department - 6-9 months;

·       preparation of Bachelor - 4 years;

·       preparation of Master - 1 year and 4 months (1,5 years) or 1 year and 9 months (2 years);

·       preparation of Doctor of Philosophy (post-graduate education) - 4 years.

Admission procedure

Step 1. Fill out the form 

Step 2. Receive an Invitation for study from the University (by applying your documents).

Step 3. Apply to Embassy of Ukraine in your or neighbouring country to get study visa (list of countries where you can apply for visa is mentioned in your Invitation for study).

Step 4. Legalize/ apostilize your educational document (Secondary school certificate/ Bachelor’s diploma/ Master’s diploma) and Supplement to educational document (marksheet). Type of legalization can be checked here: 

Step 5. Send copy of visa to this email for arrival confirmation.

Step 6. After getting confirmation from University buy ticket to one of airports of Ukraine (airport Kyiv-Boryspil or airport Lviv) and send its copy to University.

Step 7. Bring to Admission office following documents:

1) Passport with valid visa.

2) Legalized/apostilled educational document.

3) Legalized/apostilled Supplement to educational document.

4) 6 photos (3*4).


The admission procedure will be completed after you sign an Agreement with the University and pay your tuition fee for the 1st year of study.

Faculties and main specialties

1.  Faculty of Physics and Mathematics

Bachelor’s Program:

014.09 Secondary education (Computer Science)

014.04 Secondary education (Mathematics)

Master’s Program:

014.04 Secondary education (Mathematics)

014.09 Secondary education (Computer Science)

2.  Faculty of Philology and Journalism

Bachelor’s Program:

061 Journalism

Master’s Program:

061 Journalism


3.  Faculty of Geography

Bachelor’s Program:

101 Ecology

242 Tourism studies

Master’s Program:

101 Ecology

242 Tourism studies


4.  Faculty of Engineering Education

Bachelor’s Program:

015.10 Professional education (Computer technology)

241 Hotel and Restaurant business

Master’s Program:

015.10 Professional education (Computer technologies)

5.  Faculty of History

Bachelor’s Program:

014.03 Secondary education (History)

Master’s Program:

014.03 Secondary education (History)


6.  Faculty of Chemistry and Biology

Bachelor’s Program:

014.05 Secondary education (Biology and human health)

014.06 Secondary education (Chemistry)

Master’s Program:

014.05 Secondary education (Biology and human health)

014.06 Secondary education (Chemistry)

091 Biology

10 Chemistry


7.  Faculty of Physical Education

Bachelor’s Program:

016 Special education (Physical Rehabilitation)

017 Physical training and sports

Master’s Program:

016 Special education (Physical Rehabilitation)

017 Physical training and sports


8.  Faculty of Foreign Languages

Bachelor’s Program:

014.02 Secondary education (Language and Literature (English)

014.02 Secondary education (Language and Literature (German)

014.02 Secondary education (Language and Literature (French)

Master’s Program:

014.02 Secondary education (Language and Literature (English)

014.02 Secondary education (Language and Literature (German)

014.02 Secondary education (Language and Literature (French)

035.04 Germanic languages and literatures (includes Translation studies)(English language and literature)

035.04 Germanic languages and literatures (includes Translation studies)(German language and literature)


9.  Faculty of Arts

Bachelor’s Program:

014.12 Secondary education (Fine arts)

014.13 Secondary education (Musical Arts)

022 Design

026 Performing arts

Master’s Program:

014.12 Secondary education (Fine Arts)

014.13 Secondary education (Musical Arts)

022 Design

025 Musical arts

026 Performing arts


10.                  Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology

Bachelor’s Program:

053 Psychology

231 Social work

Master’s Program:

053 Psychology

231 Social work

073 Management of educational institution


PhD programs:

011 Educational sciences

012 Preschool education

013 Primary education

014 Secondary education

015 Professional education

032 History and archaeology

035 Philology

053 Psychology

061 Journalism

091 Biology

102 Chemistry

103 Geoscience

231 Social work


Foreign students who study a full-time program at TNPU are welcome to live in the University Campus.

5 halls of residence are located next to the educational buildings and accommodate two thousand students. All the buildings are located at a walking distance from each other (5-7 minutes).

Rooms are available for 2, 3, or 4 people.

University dormitories provide using kitchens, bathrooms, laundries. Also there is a university canteen in the area of the University Campus. Supermarkets, product stores, cafés, fast food restaurants are located next to the Campus as well.

Students' café “Campus” is situated inside of the university building, where students can have lunch or a cup of coffee between classes.


Rooms for 2 (3) people

Bathrooms for 2 rooms next door


Kitchens are equipped with all necessary appliances

Laundry is available for all students living in the dormitories


Outside view of the dormitories

TNPU Students' café “Campus”

Accommodation fee

for students of Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University

For Bachelor, Master, PhD students – 1350 UAH per month

For Preparatory course students – 1620 UAH per month

Payment accounts



Назва банку, МФО

Name of bank, MFO (sort code)

Види послуг

Service types

Код класифікації доходів

Classification of incomes code





в м. Київ


Навчання (Tuition fee)

Захист дисертацій (PhD thesis defense)

Консультації (Consultations)








в м. Київ


Проживання в гуртожитку (Accommodation fee)

Дипломи (Diploma)

Студентські квитки (Students ID)





TNPU extracurricular activities

           TNPU offers different extracurricular activities for its students: volleyball, basketball, football, badminton, table tennis, arm sport and chess. For those, who prefer art clubs, there are musical bands and choirs. 

          At their leisure time TNPU students can play billiards, work out at the gym, and have lunch at the students’ café “Campus”.

TNPU football team


TNPU volleyball team


TNPU professors play volleyball as well


There are also music and art students' groups of Ternopil Volodymyr Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University, where everyone can show his or her talents.

TNPU students' choir

TNPU students' female choir


Students at their performance

Dance group “Chaika”

         For those, who would like to know more about Ukraine and are interested in history in general, it will be remarkable to visit Museum Complex of TNPU, which contains 8 departments.

Museum of children's creative works

Museum of Sports glory

Museum of Volodymyr Hnatiuk

TNPU Locations

1.    Main educational building (classrooms 1-187).

2.    Hall of residence №2 (classrooms №902-906).

3.    TNPU library.

4.    Educational building №10 – Faculty of History (classrooms №1001-1011).

5.    Educational building №7 – Faculty of Philology and Journalism (classrooms №701-709).

6.    Hall of residence №3 (media studio).

7.    Hall of residence №4 (classrooms №829-833).

8.    Hall of residence №5 (classrooms №821-828).

9.    Sports complex.

10. Educational building №3 – Faculty of Arts, Department of Primary Education

 (classrooms №301-349).

11. Cultural and artistic centre “Svitlytsia”.

12. Educational building №4 – Faculty of Physics and Mathematics (classrooms №403-447).

13. Hall of residence №1 (classrooms №602-611).

14. Educational building №2 – Faculty of Engineering Education, Department of Psychology and Pedagogy (classrooms №203-234).

15. Old workshops (classrooms №501-511).

16. Students’ canteen.

17. New workshops (classrooms №802-818).

18. Volodymyr Hnatiuk monument.


Welcome to Ternopil

Welcome to Ternopil – one of the most beautiful and picturesque cities in Western Ukraine! This small, cozy and incredibly green city has always attracted visitors from all Ukraine and tourists from abroad.

Ternopil is called “a student's city”, because thousands of young people come here every year to get higher education.

In addition of being scientific centre, Ternopil is a place which impresses with its architecture and culture. It is located on the banks of the Seret River, what makes it be really special place to visit. A huge man-made lake located in the city center of Ternopil is the heart of our city.

Old Ternopil Castle towering over the lake is considered to be city’s main point of interest. The castle was built 500 years ago and now it is the oldest surviving construction in the city.

Ternopil Castle

There are a lot of must see places in Ternopil: many cultural and spiritual buildings are incredible adornments of this city and are worth coming here.

Ternopil Drama Theatre

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Church of the Nativity of the Christ

Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross


Central art street


Street Clock in the center of the city


Ternopil is a very quiet and calm city, rich in green and tiny parks and squares. That is why so many travelers come here not only to admire its sights, but also to feel the unusually authentic and interesting atmosphere of traditional Western Ukrainian city.

Ternopil at night

Ternopil from the bird's eye view

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